PerformanceEdge Learning Program

RESILIENCE - 6 week learning journey

(six weekly sessions - 40 minutes each)





The Critical Competency for Enduring Success


Resilient people are equipped with the tools necessary to effectively navigate challenges and stresses. 

In the workplace, resilience is often considered a crucial competency that is valuable for employees at all levels. It's not just about "bouncing back" from setbacks, but also about maintaining high performance, managing relationships, and contributing to a positive work environment even in the midst of challenges.

This course will help you learn how to build resilience  for sustainable success.

Learn how to apply the powerful Sailboat Metaphor to develop and exercize resilience in the face of current work challenges and stress 


This learning program is delivered in 6 sessions of 40 minutes each (via ZOOM)

  • Session 1: The Sailboat Metaphor
  • Session 2: Mastering Attention
  • Session 3: The Power of Thoughts
  • Session 4: Motivation to Push Forward
  • Session 5: Effective Coping
  • Session 6: The Resilience Plan


100% Money Back Guarantee

The goal of this learning program is to help you understand how to develop resilience and maintain wellbeing and productivity - despite the difficult conditions you may be facing in your organization or in the marketplace. If at the end of the program, you do not feel the content, or your learning, has met that goal - I will immediately refund your investment.

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About the Course

“We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds.”

- Aristotle Onassis


Some people are knocked down by challenges, but they return as a stronger person more steadfast than before.We call these people resilient.

A resilient person works through challenges by using personal resources, strengths, and other positive capacities of psychology capital like hope, optimism, and self-efficacy.

Overcoming a crisis via resiliency is often described as “bouncing back” to a normal state of functioning. Being resilient is also positively associated with happiness.

The Resilience course is specifically designed to help you effectively deal with challenges in the workplace and enjoy greater wellbeing, productivity and contribution.

We will explore and build those qualities that will help you overcome situations and circumstances that negatively impact your ability to perfrom. We will do this using principles drawn from the science and practice of positive psychology.

Positive psychology focuses on our strengths. This does not mean ignoring or denying the uncontrollable downsides in thr workplace. Rather, it means that we learn to focus on the things we can control and do so by using our strengths and taking advantage of opportunities.

Throughout this program, we will spend time holistically looking at your current work-life, considering its positive and negative aspects. At times, you will also be invited to look at the negative side of life in new ways. For example, some exercises may encourage you to re-examine negative situations to discover silver linings and unexpected benefits. We encourage you to remain open to and curious about such viewpoints as you proceed through this program.

The couse was developed by the Founders of Positive, who exist to provide a science-based, trusted learning environment for helping professionals successfully overcome the challenges we face day-to-day.