Situation Relevance

New Leadership Role

Congratulations!  You have accepeted a new leadership position. It may be a new organization, a new division, or a new team - but in any situation - the first 90 days are crucial.

It's essential for leaders to strike a balance between making a quick impact and ensuring the sustainability of positive changes for long-term success.

During your onboarding, you will likely have immediate access to the key productivity, financial, and operating metrics that help measure performance.

But the key to leading sustained success is developing keen insight into the people-side of performance. 

First Time Leader

First time managers have usually been promoted because of success in an individual contributor role. As reported by the Center of Creative Leadership:

  • 20% of first-time managers are doing a poor job, according to their subordinates.
  • 26% of first-time managers feel they weren’t ready to lead others to begin with.
  • Almost 60% say they never received any training when they transitioned into their first leadership role.

First-time managers need to navigate new responsibility -both as an individual employee (such as manager tasks and skills specific to to the role and industry) and as a people leader (the interpersonal and relational skills needed to create a high performing team). This helps them to become effective leaders, not just bosses.