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Insights, trends and data related to the people-side of performance in our organizations. 


Ebook: The data is clear: we’ve entered a global emotional recession.

Like an economic recession, which reflects a significant drop in economic activity across an economy, an emotional recession is a sustained period of emotional depletion. During this time, individuals experience reduced emotional wellbeing, decreased motivation and empathy, and a lower capacity to cope with daily stressors. This results in a significant downturn in mental health and social engagement across a community or society.

Source: Six Seconds


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Data Point: Teamwork and collaboration issues are causing great pain inside organizations


Source: MURAL - The State of Teamwork in 2024


Data Point: Disengaged frontline employees are leaving in droves

Managers are also burned out by being caught between unreasonable leadership expectations and overworked, unhappy, demotivated workers. 

Source: Beekeeper



Ebook: Self-awareness is critical at the individual, team, and organization level

"Self-awareness is everything. Without it, we’ll never learn, grow, or improve. We’ll ignore our blind spots, overestimate our strengths, and gloss over our weaknesses".

Gary Burnison, CEO - Korn Ferry

Source: The Predictive Index

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Research Summary: People managers can make an outsized contribution on performance

There is growing evidence on the importance of line management. This report (based on data collected from about 6,000 workers in early 20222 ) adds to the evidence base with analysis of the 2022 CIPD/YouGov UK Working Lives survey, which shows that quality of line management has an impact on employees and affects their health and wellbeing.

Source : CIPD


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Data Point: Giving feedback is a major challenge for people managers.

A study of managers by Interact Studio and Harris Poll revealed that the fear goes both ways. 69% of managers are just as afraid of communication as their teams:

Source: HBR | Harris Poll