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Strategy Innervation™

How how performing organizations maximize business results

What is Strategy Innervation™

In medical terms, to innervate is to stimulate (a nerve, muscle, etc.) to movement or action - or to supply with energy. 

Inside of an organization, strategic work is stimulated through people. Solid execution requires the energy and effective action of leaders, teams and people.

Strategy Innervation™ is a management practice that helps leaders focus on the people part of execution. It helps match the behaviors and capabilities of people to the work that strategy calls for.


Strategy Formulation

Sets the vision of the what the organization will look like in the future. 

Strategy Implementation

A distinct process that puts plans and initiatives into action to reach strategic goals.

Strategy Innervation ™

Ensuring that your people are capable of doing the work your strategy calls for, not simply the work that has always been done.

"The reason strategy execution is often glossed over by even the most astute strategy consultants is because primarily it’s not a strategy challenge. It’s a human behavior one".   

                                                                              Peter Bregman


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