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Disengagement is tricky to spot, and even trickier to solve. PI lets you know why morale is low—from poor communication to culture issues—and gives you immediate next steps to mobilize, motivate, and retain your people.


Collect candid, confidential employee feedback.

 Psychological safety is at the heart of the survey experience. PI protects employee anonymity—so you can receive genuine feedback from team members on how to improve your workplace.


Pinpoint where people are disengaged.

The Employee Experience Survey measures engagement along with its four key drivers: job, manager, team, and organization. Get a detailed breakdown of the results, and see where engagement needs help the most.



Discuss takeways with your team or organization.

View engagement results at the micro or macro level. Get a read back of your organization’s overall engagement levels, or drill into individual team results to find more isolated areas of disengagement.


Take action to level up the employee experience.

Generate a custom report that explains your strengths as a team, along with your biggest caution areas. Align on actions to take as a team to improve engagement and supercharge your culture.

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