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Resumes fall short in predicting actual performance. They merely serve as placeholders for qualities like skills, education, experience, and knowledge, all of which can fluctuate with a mere click of a cursor. Moreover, exceptional candidates might slip through the cracks because their resumes don't fit a perfect mold. Expand your pool of top-tier candidates rapidly, gaining access to talent your competitors overlook. The real solution lies not in the resume, but in a tool that offers objectivity, scientific analysis, and predictive power.

Hiring team alignment around the behaviors needed to be successful in a role

Reduced time and cost from rehiring due to turnover and new hires not working out

Actionable, objective data integrated into your hiring process that increases the likelihood of retaining new hires

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"The risk of the unknown is almost completely eliminated. PI Hire gives clear insight, allowing for purposeful, strategic decisions in about 6 minutes to assess".

Andy Parkins | CEO, Six Factor