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MeasureĀ the key drivers of organizational performance.

Improvement begins with clear understanding. Know your Vital Signs.

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Vital Signs is an invaluable tool to optimize performance. Clear, insightful and actionable ā€“ it makes the invisible visible for leaders, teams and entire organizations.


The Vital Signs Model distills two decades of research into the actionable framework to build strong leadership, healthy teams, and vital organizations. Six Secondsā€™ Vital Signs assessments capture this essential data in a practical, actionable framework. Built on a model with solid business logic as well as validated metrics, the tools connect peopleā€™s perceptions and attitudes with hard business outcomes.


The model applies at three levels:


How capable areĀ leadersĀ of building a healthy climate?Ā Leadership Vital Signs measures effectivenessĀ as building a context of trust where people feel motivated, are adaptable to change, work together, and can be effective.


How strong areĀ teams? TheĀ Team Vital Signs measures the work-groupā€™sĀ level of trust, motivation, adaptability to change, teamwork, and execution.


Is this a vitalĀ organization? TheĀ Organizational Vital SignsĀ tool measures the same five drivers across an enterprise or entity.



Measure leaders' capacity to produce strong results and build a thriving and adaptable organization.Ā 


Measure the vitality of a work group, theri capacity to achieve great results, and their readiness to meet new challenges.


Measure key indicators of organizational performanceĀ  and pinpoint the most valuable development opportunites and risk factors

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