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"Organizations that can reallocate talent in step with their strategic plans areĀ more than twice as likely to outperformĀ their peers".Ā 

McKinsey & Co


PI Design helps you build
successful teams inĀ three steps.


Know Yourself

Take the six-minute PI Behavioral Assessmentā„¢ to learn how you work best, and how you influence your team.

Know Your Team

Invite team members to take the assessment, and discover your teamā€™s collective strengths
and weaknesses.

Know Your Strategy

Overlay your business goals so you can visualise your team's behavioral identity and their strategic goals side-by-side

1:1 Team Strategy Session

Assess a Teamā€™s strategic goals and collective behavioral identity side-by-side. Team Discovery enables you to proactively build Teams suited to their mission, and lets you know where existing Teams might need extra support.

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